Wednesday 20 August 2014

I'm Loving.. Primark Summer Buys

Floral Skort - £7.00 / Wedges - £14.00

Primark is an absolute godsend at the minute, there are some absolutely amazing pieces in their Spring/Summer collection and the prices are even better. When Primark is good, its bloody amazing! I find myself going there first off on any shopping trip, just because there are so many amazing dupes for a fraction of the price in any other store. Now I know Summer is coming to an end, but this is the perfect time to pick up any bits you might find in the sale, or just to stock up so you can use them next year.

I think a good skort is a necessity at the minute, or when we get some nice weather, so I've been stocking up recently. This cutie was only £7! How amazing! I love the pattern and they're a really lightweight material so they'll be perfect for warmer weather.

These wedges are absolutely amazing, even though I have no idea how I'm going to hold myself up in them. At £14 I don't think anyone can complain! I've got quite a few pairs of Primark wedges and they've actually lasted and worn really well, which is always a bonus. I've also had a lot of compliments about them, and a few people said they looked identical to a pair from River Island.. but for a fraction of the price. Something you definitely can't grumble at!

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Monday 18 August 2014

My SpyLoveBuy Picks - Cut Out Shoes

1. £14.95 / 2. £24.95 / 3. £6.24 / 4. £14.95

I stumbled across this website after a huge shoe search one night, and it has quickly before a big obsession of mine. Like any girl I LOVE shoes! This Summer I seem to have gone overboard on the shoe front, and I think anything with cut out detail has drawn me straight in.

Cut out boots were huge last Winter and I love that the trend has moved into sandals for the Summer. They're so wearable and can easily be switched from casual to a more formal look - the ultimate shoe combo in my eyes. SpyLoveBuy has amazingly affordable prices and delivery is totally free on orders over £15.. you heard that right! But don't worry because standard 2-3 day delivery is £1.99! I'm on the look out for some cute ankle boots in the next few weeks, so this is definitely going to be my first stop with prices like these. You can check out the amazing range of shoes they have to offer here.

Which ones are your favourites? Have you ordered from here before?

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I'm Back, Baby!

So, apparently its been well over four months since I last blogged. I must be the worst blogger ever. To be honest, so much has happened over the last few months that I really haven't had time. For one I've gone from a part time Sales Assistant to a full time Ladieswear Assistant, which means that a lot of my time is filled. I've also been up to a lot of fun things, and I've also bought quite a lot recently, so I definitely have a lot to share.

So this is a big hello from me, and more of a reminder that I'm still there... and therefore will be paying a lot more attention to this space. Stay tuned!