Tuesday, 21 February 2012


So, I was looking through blogs and online features the other day and I came across this website, www.girlprops.com. I originally thought it was just some cheesy website full of junk, but as I began to look through it I found some really good stuff!
Its American (and everything is obviously in $) but some stuff looks so cute. I'm particularly interested in the huge range of sunglasses they have on there, as I need some new ones for the summer and I want an interesting pair.
These look amazing and classy! They're $14.99, which I think in £ is around £10 (maybe?)
These are definitely one of my favourites, how cute?! I don't know if I'd ever wear them personally, but I think they're so different and they would definitely look so good in the summer!
These are $9.99, which is around £7! What a bargain!

Obviously one of the things to think about is shipping costs and stuff, but for an extra few pound/dollars I think its really worth it! I'm thinking about ordering the top ones so, maybe a review to follow?


  1. I love the first pair. They're like a copy of Prada sunglasses. Thanks for introducing me to this website! :) Definitely do a review if you purchase them x

  2. those glasses are just so cute!
    I prefer the second pair! :)