Thursday, 23 February 2012

Review: Rimmel 60 Seconds

I decided to put off my dissertation for a bit longer and paint my nails, as my fingers and toes were looking a bit chipped. I'm loving bright colours at the minute so I decided to try Rimmel 60 seconds nail varnish. 
I got this as part of a Rimmel goodie bag at Clothes Show Live a few months ago and I've never used it before. 
Overall I was really impressed with it! I didn't exactly time if it was 60 seconds or not, but I'd say it was definitely pretty close. I'd just finished my little finger and my thumb was already completely dry, which I hardly ever seem to get with nail varnish. 
I did two coats and topped it off with a sparkly Miss Sporty nail varnish, which I bought cheap to try around Christmas time.
I'm definitely going to use this again, overall it has really good coverage and a nice glossy shine. I also have the polish in a bright purple and a dark red (I can't remember the names) so they'll be making an appearance soon.

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