Friday, 9 March 2012

Tk Maxx Buy

Look what I found! I love anything remotely nautical (hence the anchor tattoo on my wrist) and when I saw this I HAD to buy it. They're two anchor door hangers, how cool?!
They're really distressed and the wood is starting to show through the red paint, so they look really vintage and rustic.

I think they're really going to show off well in my room. The walls are a pale blue colour so it fits well, and I have a few red pieces and pillows around so it will tie in nicely.
I'd definitely urge anyone who loves vintagey-type pieces to take a look in your nearest Tk Maxx, they had amazing wooden trunks and birdcages that I wish I had the space for.

Anchor Door Hanger - £12 (Tk Maxx)

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