Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My Foundation Hunt

I decided to share my foundation collection with you all, as I cannot seem to find one that I actually love and want to use all the time.  h e l p !

I must have used nearly every make imaginable, so I am starting to think that I may need to branch out and spend a bit more money to find something I really like.

My skin's prone to breakouts every so often, but apart from that I'd say its a pretty normal mix. It isn't too oily or dry. I generally look for something with a really good overall coverage, but to be honest I really can't seem to find one. I used to use the MAC shown above but due to me developing a tan this no longer matches my skin tone, and I'm quite apprehensive about investing in some more if there are better products out there.

The one I'm using at the minute is the Avon Ideal Flawless foundation, with a mixture of Loreal's True Match as a kind of base. This works well for me now, but I can't help but think I need something with more coverage.

I keep hearing good things about a lot of other brands, but I really wouldn't know where to begin with anything I'm not too sure about.

Can anyone suggest anything?


  1. Gosh, tell me about it. It took me ages to find a nice foundation. I use Revlon Age Defying, it's around £9 I think :// but I've had it a year and still have half left. I think Rimmel are really good to though.
    I hope you find one :)


  2. I used to wear the Max Factor Lasting Performance - I wore it all through high school and sometimes I find myself going back to it... I'm using Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation at the minute, and as long as you apply it with a stippling brush - it's amazing! x

  3. I'll have to give them both a try, thanks girls! I can never ever find a foundation that I absolutely love, so I just waste so much money on ones that I think are going to be good.

    Maybe one day I'll find one haha :) Thank you though, I'm definitely going to look into them both as they sound really good x