Sunday, 19 August 2012

Impress Press-On Manicure: Overall Result

So as you all know, I was so happy and excited to try these nails. They were amazing to apply and looked like I'd had them done professionally, at work I got so many compliments on them which made me super happy. BUT, that was just about the only good thing these nails had to offer, as things started to go down hill from there. The picture above was taken two days ago and since then I've had to soak my hands and take off the nails, as I couldn't cope with them anymore. The nails themselves were really good in staying shaped and in good condition, it was just the actual bond between the nail and my own nail that I didn't like. Obviously the nails aren't supposed to be amazingly secure with the bond only being a small sticky pad, but I was some how expecting more.

With in the first two days, two nails had fallen off on each hand, which sparked doubts. This happened at work none the less, which resorted in me sticking them back on with nail glue when I got home - something I did not want to have to do. It all went downhill after that, and it seemed like nails were falling off and constantly having to be glued back on. When I took these off the skin around my nails was also really dry and needed a good moisturise, so to be honest I was a little disappointed.

Overall I'd say the quality of the actual nail is a lot better than the application. I know they are not meant to be a permanent thing and only last for a week, but I was expecting more than a day or two before they started to fall off. They are the easiest thing to apply though and I'd say if you plan on not doing anything too strenuous or that involves your hands too much - they're perfect for you!

Has anyone used these before? What results did you find?


  1. Ever since i saw the avert for these with Nicole S i've been lusting over them. I have acrylics on at the moment but i'd definitely give these a go :)


  2. Aw see I'm thinking of getting acrylics soon! Would you recommend them? I've heard so many bad things about acrylics though :/ But yeah these are good if you're not really doing much haha xx

  3. I love the idea of these but find they feel a little weird on!

  4. Oh so it wasn't just me who thought that? I've never really worn false nails before so I wasn't sure if that's how they were supposed to feel... I don't think I'd ever use them again as a long term thing - maybe if I needed a quick nail fix for a night or a few days xx