Thursday, 23 August 2012

LOVE Drape Back Dress

LOVE Black Drape Back Dress - (£34.00)

So I'm going to start off this post by saying I am totally and utterly in LOVE with this dress! I had £20 store credit and I wanted to use it before I totally forgot about it, so decided to treat myself one day on my lunch break at work. The selection of items Love has on their website is amazing, and as I was looking through there was literally about twenty things I wanted. I stumbled upon this dress and instantly loved it, I think it was the back that did it more than anything. Or maybe the fact there was 20% off at the time. Anyway, I wasn't too bothered about this dress arriving but as soon as I tried it on I fell in love.

The dress is sheer black, as you can see from the images, and is very blocky and plain at the front. I wouldn't usually go for this sort of style, but again all the detail is at the back of the dress. It has the majority of the back cut out, which runs down into a V shape at the bottom of the back. I got it in a size S/M (which fits an 8-10) and although its a little big baggy, I quite like it like that. The length comes just past my knee, which is quite nice too, as I think I'm going to wear it with a belt. It's lovely, I really cannot wait to wear it.

If you sign up to Love's mailing list, or have an account with them, you will honestly get so many emails with voucher opportunities its unreal. The day I bought this dress I also had an email with a 10% voucher code inside, so overall I had 30% off to use - which bought the dress down to about £14. I need to point out that I did pay for this with my store credit, which makes me happy as I still have about £6 left to use on my next order.

I'd also like to mention that whenever I have ordered anything from Love, it has arrived so quickly and is always packaged so nicely. When I opened the parcel bag I never expect to see my order neatly wrapped in tissue paper, with the receipt in a big pink envelope, which is tied to my package with a big pink bow. It makes receiving things so much nicer when they're packaged nicely - and Love get it right every time.


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    1. isn't it?! I actually cannot wait to wear it :D x

  2. Such a nice dress! so simple but could be amazingly glam with some heels and red lipstick.

    Just followed you via GFC :-)

    Amanda x

    1. Thank you for the follow lovely, I've done the same for you too! :)) I know its amazing isn't it?! So good for the money too!

      Terri xo