Sunday, 30 September 2012

Glossy Box - Maggie Li September Edition.

September Glossy Box - Maggie Li Edition - £10.00 (plus p+p)

You'll have all probably seen my annoying tweets about how long it took me to receive this month's Glossy Box, which has actually resulted in my cancelling my subscription. I won't bore you with why etc etc, but I was getting less impressed with the products I was getting sent and wanted to try something different. So this will actually be my last Glossy Box review for a while.

September's box was designed by London-based illustrator Maggie Li, and it looks super super cute. All the products in this month's box came from up and coming stars across the industry, and hopefully will become very popular from Glossy Box. I'd only ever heard of the Lady GaGa perfume to be honest, but was still looking forward to trying the different products.

While on the subject of Lady GaGa, her new perfume 'Fame Fragrance - Black Fluid' is absolutely amazing. When I first saw this advertised I couldn't help but think that it would just be another celebrity's perfume launched to us, that didn't really smell of anything new, but I have to say Black Fluid is nothing like this. It's really floral and sweet, and it isn't too musky or heavy too. It has hints of apricot and saffron, which actually work really well together. I'll be lucky if this little tester lasts me more than a week, as I've already popped it in my work bag.

The next set of samples that I received were the Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5 Minute Facial sachets. Another product that I'd never heard of, and initially thought was very strange. The Snake Serum is supposed to reduce the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles, which can apparently be seen instantly, and generally help the condition of your skin. I actually don't have any frown lines or wrinkles at the minute, funnily enough, but I'm sure I'll get round to trying this. The 5 Minute Facial is a clay mask that you apply to your face and leave for five minutes, as the name suggests. I'm quite into face masks at the minute, so this one will definitely get tried and tested soon.

Another eye cream... I seem to have a box full of these kinds of things at the minute. The Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream is designed to soothe tired eyes while smoothing dark circles and reducing the appearance of fine lines. Again, I'm always up for trying eye creams or anything that will reduce my dark circles, so this seems good to me. It is also made of 99% natural products, which again is something I'm always interested in trying.

The next sample was quite a big one in my opinion and will definitely be one that I'll use. I've been researching day and night creams for a while now, so it's quite handy to have been sent Vichy's Idealia Day Care Cream. It is said to smooth your skin's texture and improve complexion, which I think is a must-have when it's coming up to winter. My complexion seems to be in awful condition at the minute, so this little pot has already taken its place in my skin care routine.

The last product that I received in my Glossy Box was Maghrabian Hair Oil. At the minute I'm all about hair oils because my hair is super dry, so this is the perfect thing for me. It gives hair extra nutrition and helps to condition and help bring shine back to your hair.

To say this will be my last Glossy Box for a bit, I do quite like a few of the products and will definitely get my money's worth from using them. Expect a few reviews of some of the products in the next few weeks.

What did you think of the September Glossy Box? What was your favourite sample?


  1. I had the same suspicions about Lady Gagas new fragrance too! - but I agree its really nice :)
    (& on offer at superdrug too)

    1. Oh really? I might have to snap some up then! I'd even go as far as saying I like it as much as Marc Jacobs... and I LOVE Marc Jacobs :P

      Terri xo

  2. I got exactly the same box :) the face mask samples kinda annoyed me because both sachets barely covered my face, not a thick covering like I'd expect! but everything else was great :) Lady Gaga perfume was great! x

    1. Agreed lovely! I was really gutted about them and I don't think they work very well at all. The Glamoxy Snake Serum had bought me out in a horrible breakout too, which is slightly depressing :(

      Terri xo