Monday, 17 September 2012

Holiday Series - A Few Outfits

I wanted to do a little post showing some of the outfits I wore while I was away in Lanzarote. Admittedly I didn't take loads of pictures of what I wore, but these were just a few that I really liked. Lanzarote has gorgeous weather but at night it can get really breezy, so some nights I found myself covering up a little more with a maxi dress/skirt or a kimono. The regular day outfit was obviously a bikini then come sort of cover up, mainly a dress or playsuit, then a casual look at night time.

001. The maxi dress here is from New Look a few months ago. I absolutely love it! One problem is that it is very fitted, which makes it really see-through, so I actually bought the dress a size bigger to try and help this problem. It did work, but simular coloured,  no VPL underwear is advisable! I don't usually go for maxi dresses but this one was the perfect length and style with a t-shirt style sleeve. This is one item you could wear in the day or dress it up at night, and the colour is gorgeous too.

002. Everyone say Hi to my brother making an appearance in this! I didn't have one of just me in this outfit but I wanted to show it because I really like it. It's just a simple floral vest from Tesco (of all places) and high waisted denim shorts from Primark. This was one of the hotter nights in Lanzarote so something simple and cool was needed. I wore these shorts to death on holiday because they are so comfy. My friend has literally a matching pair from New Look that were around £20, which I love because mine were half that - love a good Primark bargain.

003. Prior to buying this dress, I'd literally had my eye on it for months. I originally wanted it as a 21st birthday celebration dress but after finding one I loved more, I totally forgot about this. On a trip to Manchester I then found it on sale in Ark, for £15, so I was completely sold and snapped the last one up. I thought it would be really see-through and clingy but it's actually lovely and I've really warmed to the cut-outs at the side. I love shirt-style dresses too and this has become an absolute favourite, I just don't know if I'm going to have chance to wear it again this wear.

What are your favourite things to wear on holiday?


  1. I think Tesco do some really good stuff. I got boots from there 2 years ago and they've lasted so well, even now they're still in a pretty good condition and I wear them loads.
    I love the maxi dress you have on, it's so cute :) x x

    1. I never used to look in Tesco for clothes but recently I think they've really improved! That's the best too when you buy something that actually lasts :) Thank you lovely!

      Terri xo

  2. Beautiful dress.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
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    1. Aw thank you! :)) Yeah course, I've just followed you! xo