Sunday, 2 September 2012

Holiday Times

Good morning bloggers,

In a hour or so I will be off on my journey to the airport, to start my little eleven day break in Lanzarote with the fam. I doubt I'll be blogging while I'm away due to the ridiculous price of internet on my iPhone, but no doubt I will have lots of posts when I'm back! If I miraculously drag myself away from cocktails and the sun lounger onto a computer there may be the occasional post, but to be honest I think cocktails will win every time!

If there's any posts you would like to see, leave ideas in the comments box and I'll read them all and reply when I'm back.

I'll try to bring some Spanish sun back for you all xo


  1. I hope you have a fab holiday!! x

  2. Hope you have a great tome on holiday :) x x x

    Ps. please bring back some sun.. lots of it lol