Wednesday, 31 October 2012

What I Wore - 27/10

Beth - Black Dress - Primark
Me - Peplum Dress - Primark

I think this may be the first ever What I Wore post that I've done, or one of very few anyway. I never really have the courage to show off my outfits, but I decided that since myself and Beth made such an effort I may as well. Beth is my cousin and we do so much together, so it came around that it was time for our monthly night out. We don't usually tackle Saturday nights, mainly for the prices, but decided to give it a go. Recently I've really got into wearing dresses and I seem to have accumulated quite a few over the past few months. As readers know, I used to hate the Peplum style but after buying and over wearing a jersey Topshop vest, they are now one of my big loves!

This Peplum dress was from Primark of all places, and cost me a whole £16! How good is that? It is a really long, classic style and cut but I decided to shorten it a little and just put a little tuck in each side. I ended up wearing it long later on in the night anyway, just because I was sick of having to keep straightening the hem out. I teamed it with some open-toe New Look black wedges, which I absolutely love! I can only walk in a wedge and I've found New Look do amazing styles... not to mention the price is amazing and they are so comfy. Beth's dress was also from Primark and funnily enough her wedges were from New Look too, I kind of talked her round to buying some. I really want the dress Beth has too. just because it is so classic and I think you could genuinely wear it in a number of different outfits. Anything black is always good in my books, as long as you style it properly and use the right accessories.

What do you think of our outfits?


  1. Gorgeous peplum dress, love peplum, so flattering! x

    1. Thank you lovely :)) Such a good Primark bargain too, its my favourite at the minute. I love Peplum's too! I have a vest from Topshop but its the wrong colour grey to wear with my jeans and things :( gutting!

      Terri xo