Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Wave Double

The Wave Double - £1.99

Now before I even start this review, I'm going to say that this was a total impulse buy and I actually had no intentions of using it seriously. I can remember seeing this advertised on the television years ago and thinking "Wow I really want one!" just for the pure fact it looked good. It soon fizzled out and disappeared... but to my surprise I found a few on a little trip to a discount shop last week. My Mum was instantly like "You are not buying that" but obviously I had to... it was just a pure impulse buy and what I thought was a waste of money.

It is actually a clever little gadget when you think about it really. It's battery operated and you attach cleansing pads to the textured circle, then gently massage it over your face. I felt so stupid at first and I was thinking how silly it is, but actually I completely love it! I went in thinking that it would just be one of those things that totally doesn't work, but I can actually feel a difference in my skin! I'm literally shocked. It has two speed settings too, which to be honest I couldn't feel a difference between. The first speed is supposed to be for general daily cleansing, and the second for those days when you feel like your skin needs that extra effort. I tried it on both settings and actually preferred the first gentler setting.

Its pretty simple... all you do is run the bad under water until it starts to slightly foam, then just massage it over your face avoiding the eye area. I did it for a few minutes on each cheek as a tester, then rinsed, and I'm not even lying when I say my skin felt incredibly soft. I tried this about an hour ago and I still find myself sat here rubbing my cheeks. My cheeks were a little pink after I'd finished with The Wave and I was so so worried that I'd had a reaction or something, and they really tingled, but I think that's just due to my skin having a really good cleanse. The pad also removed a lot of leftover make-up that I'd missed last night, which was actually quite good too. You get about 14 little pads with the gadget, so obviously if you wanted to use it daily you would have to buy more.

Overall I'm actually super chuffed with this £1.99 bargain and to say I really didn't have any faith, I'd totally use it again. I know obviously I've only tried it once but I definitely intend to carry this on maybe once a week and see how my skin gets on... then obviously do a little update.

What do you guys think? Have you ever used this before?


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  2. For £1.99 I'd definitely try this! I'll keep my eyes peeled for one! :)

    1. It was from Discount UK, so I'm guessing they may have them in other discount stores? Or I bet you could definitely get one from the internet. I was so impressed!

      Terri xo

  3. This is such a rip-off of the Neutrogena Wave! Same packaging, same design and colour, same that it includes pads etc but I don't think I could risk using an unknown skincare brand on my face for fear of breakouts and serious harm x

    1. Well I couldn't get hold of the Neutrogena Wave anywhere so decided to try this :) I think its really important to take precautions yeah, so I checked it and everything. I've used it a couple of times now and its brilliant for my skin. Personally I don't see a problem with it being like the original Wave, it does exactly the same thing and I achieved the results I wanted to, so I'm super happy with it :) But yeah obviously its all about trailing and testing it first to make sure it works okay for you.

      Terri xo