Monday, 14 January 2013

17 Nail Polish Collection

I got this cute little nail polish set as a stocking filler from my parents at Christmas, and I absolutely love it. All of my family know I'm a bit of a nail addict so I seemed to get absolutely loads of nail-based presents, which in my books was the best! I've never really used 17 products before but these mini polishes looked such lovely colours and I couldn't wait to try them. I don't actually know the price or any details like that as it was a present, but I think 17 is a Boots product? I'm not sure anyway.

The photo above shows all the colours in the set, which is actually a really good range of colours in my opinion. I don't know all the names of the individual polishes, but when I find out I'll update this post and pop the names in a caption. I have such a hard time choosing what colour to paint my nails, as I like to make sure they kind of patch all the possible outfits I could be wearing. From this set I decided to try the nude coloured polish, which looks so creamy and luxurious in the picture.

The polish was a really good consistency and painted onto my nail really easily. The brush was just the perfect shape for my nail, which is always a plus, I hate having to wipe excess polish away where the brush has been to wide for my nail. The polish is quite thick so for this particular colour one coat would be fine for a good coverage, although I did actually apply two. It dried really quickly and looked quite matte which was obviously unlike the photo, but I think that's probably down to the nail set I sampled it on. I applied a clear topcoat after which sent the polish really shiny and made it look almost professional and flawless.

Even though I've only tried one polish up to yet I'm really impressed with the standards and the colour of the polish. I've only had it on for a day so far so we shall see how long it stays in good condition. I'll definitely be using this set again to try out more of the colours.