Saturday, 16 March 2013

Instagram Update

The Script ticket / The Script / Pre-gig / One a day journal / Can't wait to be this tanned / Healthy Snack/ The yummiest dinner / Beautiful Pandora Ring / Make-up brush cleaning.

Nothing to really report to you I'm afraid bloggers, as usual I've been working loads and haven't really had the time to do much. The countdown to my girly holiday has started, 99 days if anyone would like to know!, so the healthy eating and exercise regime has really kicked in. I'm thinking of doing a few posts on this topic, is that something people would be interested in? Let me know in the comments.

I went to see The Script last night in Sheffield and they were absolutely AMAZING! The Irish accents were an absolute bonus too, me and my cousin turned to mush as soon as they started singing. Definitely rekindled my love. Its the first time in absolutely agers that my throat hurt this morning from singing too much... thats definitely the sign of a good night!


  1. Love counting down to holidays! How exciting! I would love to see some health posts, love them :D


    1. I know me too, I cannot wait to finally get some sun! :D Aw well I'll definitely have to think about doing some then :) thank you lovely!

      Terri xo