Monday, 16 September 2013

Orly Gel FX Manicure

I've always been someone whose loved painting their nails, but I can honestly say I'd never ever thought about NOT doing them myself. I've been a huge nail biter since I was young and was frankly too embarrassed to let anyone look at my nails, yet alone paint them. After years of really hard work (it was super hard!) I stopped and got my nails into a good enough condition that I felt comfortable letting someone loose on them. I read a lot about Shellac and was totally set on the idea, so I rung up my local salon to enquire and they turned me onto Orly Gel FX. They gave me a bit of information about it and I booked myself in straight away, but also went home and did a little research too.

Orly say that Gel FX is no ordinary manicure, and that 'Antioxidant vitamins A and E help to promote healthy nails, while pro-vitamin B5 protects the structure of the natural nail.' Orly have also taken over 60 of their best-selling colours into the Gel FX range, so there's definitely enough choice! I was told that depending on your nails and what you do, the colour can last between two to four weeks, although some clients keep theirs for up to six weeks. I pay £20 for my manicure, but keep in mind that you do have to have the gel soaked off before they can be repainted.

This is the third time I've had my nails done with Gel FX and I can honestly say it is absolutely amazing! I've noticed that different colours last better on my nails, and the best yet has been four weeks with a colour called 'Terracotta.' I've noticed that my nails have become so much stronger while having this polish on, and amazingly the growth of them is unreal. They've literally never ever been this long, but obviously when I have my manicure I do have then filed down.

I'm going to do a little week by week post to show you all what the manicure looks like and how it keeps. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone and I've got nothing but good words to preach about this!

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