Friday, 7 February 2014

Orly Gel FX Manicure

I cannot seem to get enough of having my nails done recently, it's literally the thing I look forward to every couple of weeks. I first started having my nails done around September time last year and since then I haven't even touched them myself. You can read my first experience post here. This month's nails are by far my favourites and its actually the first time I've decided to have something a bit more adventurous besides five plain coloured nails.

Black and silver always look really classy and I'm a huge fan of black nails. These photos were taken around four weeks ago and they are just starting to chip, so the wear you get from the Gel FX is crazy! Well worth the £25 I pay for my manicures. Here I have 'Liquid Vinyl', 'Shine' and 'Holy Holo.' You can take a look at their website and a few of the shades here.

How do you usually do your nails, and what are your favourite products?

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