Wednesday, 28 March 2012

A little catch up.

So this past week has been so hectic and I haven't had change to blog or really do anything. I have a million and one university projects to get done, I've been working loads, I spent the weekend in London and to top it all off my wisdom teeth are giving me absolute grief so I've been ill!

So, my hometown football team (Chesterfield F.C) played in the JPT final at Wembley on Sunday, which was pretty amazing to be honest. I'm not the biggest football fan, but I do enjoy it sometimes, so I decided to go along with my boyf and his family. I'd never been to Wembley before and I was actually quite taken back with the size and the atmosphere. Anyway so I don't ramble about football, we won :) which made the whole day even better!

London... I absolutely adore London! I know I probably wouldn't if i lived there and everyone always asks what the big deal is, but I just love the city. I was in my element over the weekend, doing all the touristy things (such a guilty pleasure) and I really really enjoyed the whole few days!

Here are a few photos:

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