Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday Splurge

Today I had the intention of nipping into town with mother so she could get a few bits, but it turned into a little bit of a shopping trip. 
I really haven't been shopping properly in a while, and its pay day tomorrow, so I thought I'd treat myself - plus I did need a few things.

(The photo really isn't very good)
Most of these buys are from Primark. I don't usually shop there but at the minute they have some really decent things. Everything but the orange/purple/red bikini top+the makeup and jewelry is form there.

Orange/Purple/Red Bikini - £6 (Matalan)
Orange+Blue Bikini - £8 (Primark)
Pussybow Blouse - £10 (Primark)
Ultra Soft Skinny Jeans - £11 (Primark)
Pug Pj's - £5 (Primark)
Playsuit - £10 (Primark)

I've heard really good things about tesco makeup and nail varnish, so I thought I'd try them out for myself. They were an absolute BARGAIN too! Review coming soon..

Blusher - £1.50 (Tesco)
Nail Varnish x2 - 99p (Tesco)
Lipstick (006: Pink Blush) - £4.99 (Rimmel)
Bracelet - £4.50 (Miss Selfridge)

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