Tuesday, 20 March 2012

This week I want... Boy London

This week, I'm really wanting a Boy London t-shirt.
I've been looking at them on the website for quite a while now and I'm literally hovering over the buy button on about four of them.

For anyone who isn't too familiar, Boy was founded in 1977 and was really made famous by New Romantics and Punks, as well as the likes of Madonna and Boy George. It continued to popularize in the 80's and 90's, but soon dropped out of sight.
Well its now back! You can see the range of t-shirts, leggings, vests, hats etc here.
Or, so I've just learnt, Selfridges in London now stock the label too! This excites me a lot, as I'm going to be in London this weekend and may definitely have to pop and purchase a t-shirt.

Anyway, the designs are really simple, but they are still based on the original designs from the 80's. I'd definitely say that this is going to blow up again, so I definitely need to bag myself a part of this amazing label.

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