Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The cutest phone case EVER!

So, I saw an iPhone case like this a few weeks ago on another blog, and I HAD to have it! I'd just got my iPhone and was slightly obsessed, so I went searching for one... and found about a million on good old Ebay.
They ranged from 99p to about £6, from Hong Kong to England.

I read that the girl I found this from had gone for a cheap one from China, so naturally I decided to do the same and go for this one. (anything to save money!)
I ordered it about three weeks ago, and it got here today, so I'm not really sure if thats good or bad?!

It is so so cute! It comes with a little fluffy tail too that you can use as a stand. Just what everyone needs.
I've just not decided how I'm going to fit it in my pocket, or my bag, or look like a 20 year old... but oh well!
The only problem is the lock button is covered by the casing, which is obviously a big problem, so to be honest I doubt I'm ever going to use it...

but it seemed like such a good idea at the time. Plus its cute right?
(Obviously I'm drawn to cute things too easily...)

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