Monday, 16 April 2012

Another Foundation..

So are you all may be aware, I am having a small war with foundations at the minute! I'm on a little mission to find the perfect one for me. While I was in The Body Shop the other day looking at their makeup range, a lovely lady matched me to this foundation.

It's a moisturizing foundation that contains SPF 15, and the lady said it's supposed to have really good, full coverage and leave a dewy effect on your skin. I will be using this a few times before I make my decision, so expect a review soon.


  1. I've never thought to go to The Body Shop for foundation... This sounds really nice from 1st impression, and similar to the Bourjois Healthy Mix! x

  2. I never thought of it either until I went in with my Mum. It is a really good foundation too, but I found that it was better used over another, as the coverage wasn't amazing. It is such a lovely colour though and blends really well, so I didn't mind mixing it :) x