Thursday, 19 April 2012

Today's Topshop Buys

Today I decided to have a little trip to Meadowhall to have a window shop and let some steam off after all the dissertation work I've done this week. I was quite excited when I walked into Topshop and saw the sale. I can never usually stand the sale when its a total mess, but I actually found a few things I liked.
But obviously after trying everything on, I changed my mind, and settled on a jumper and two rings.

The jumper looks HUGE here! (It's actually a size 6, but its very over-sized and boxy)
It was £12, down from £26. It's a pale mint green colour and it's really comfy and slouchy to wear. This is definitely going to be my new 'comfy jumper.'

These two rings were both half price. The first one was £3.75 and the second was £2.50.

The first one is quite a statement ring and is a lot bigger than it looks on the picture. I have a bit of a thing at the minute for big chunky rings! I've also been looking for a little casual ring that I can wear instead of my Pandora rings when I fancy a change, and I thought the second one was quite unusual.

I wish I had more time to look round the sale, as they had loads of jewellery which I would have quite liked to search through.

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