Wednesday, 23 May 2012

April Glossy Box Recap - My Favourite Item

I've just received my second Glossy Box, so before blogging about it and spoiling it for those of you who may not have yours, I thought I'd do a little recap on April's box. This was my first one, and I was really excited to receive it and look what goodies I had. The April edition was all about natural products, and there was one in particular that I loved and have been using ever since...

Figs and Rouge 'Rambling Rose' Balm - Glossy Box

The Figs and Rouge 'Rambling Rose' balm is my all time favourite! It is one of the nicest balms I've ever tried, and is the product I am most pleased about receiving. The packaging is so cute and eye catching, and you can buy a full sized pot for about £4 (or just under.)

I use it on my lips, like you would any other balm, and immediately it removes any dry skin or hard patches. I didn't realise that it could be used as a body balm too, and to be honest I wasn't too keen on the idea as if you use too much it can become very greasy. The texture is quite gritty, but I think it works the best to soften sore and chapped lips. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who often suffers from sore lips, and really anyone who would like a change from the typical Vaseline tins.

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