Thursday, 17 May 2012

A little catch-up

I've been so busy recently with university work, so busy that I haven't really had the chance to do any real blog posts. Well, tomorrow my last EVER university assignment has to be handed in... and I'm a little bit sad. This means it is now time to go out and find a real job, which doesn't consist of eight hours of work at the weekend, scaryyyyy...

I think I'll actually miss most things about university, apart from exams because I hate exams! I actually have one next Friday, and I am so so scared. I'm one of those people who revises so much and is really thorough, but as soon as I sit down in the room, everything I've got in my head is gone. I'm definitely going to have to concentrate for this one.

There's not much else happening at the minute. I don't even have much of a social life. Two weeks today, it will be my 21st birthday, and I absolutely cannot wait. I love birthdays! and apparently 21 is quite a big one, which means I get an excuse to drown my sorrows because I'm getting old.

I've been buying a lot of new beauty and skin products recently, so I've been making notes of things I want to review soon. I'm also going into town again today, yet again, so no doubt there will be a post later about todays buys.

The list is going to be as long as my arm soon...

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