Tuesday, 12 June 2012


Too many foundations/My favourite H&M blazer/Nicest healthy lunch/Birthday shisha/Sparkly nails/Pluto/The start of packing/Holiday clothes/I should spend some birthday money/100 Egyptian Pounds/Lots of Egyptian pennies/Next stop... Egypt tomorrow.

I don't really tend to do these Instagram updates, but I decided to have a go. I tend to use Instagram loads, so its definitely a good idea. This week so far has consisted of working, working, more working, and starting to pack for my holiday. I am jetting off to Egypt TOMORROW! Obviously I'm super excited, but I really haven't got very far with my packing (sigh!) I really need lessons in packing a suitcase, I must be the worst packer ever. I won't be blogging a lot while I am away, for many reasons, mostly being due to the price of roaming charges from Orange and plainly I just want to be out in the sun. Its given 39 degrees until Sunday, super yay!

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