Monday, 11 June 2012

The Contents Of My Day...

This suitcase stuffed in the middle of my room is my plan for today. I go to Egypt on Wednesday, and normally I would have been totally on top of everything and I would actually have been packed and ready by now. Well, this time I'm the total opposite. I have a million and one lists floating around my bedroom of things I've already packed, I need to pack, I still need to BUY... packing is driving me insane. To top it all off I have my last four hour shift tonight for a week, so thats totally going to throw my packing plans off. Major girl problems right now! My boyfriend's mum says I'm only making it harder by packing now, as she says I'm bound to put in more than I need... H E L P !

These are a few of the options I've sorted, and are now packed away in my suitcase. I came to realise that a large majority of my holiday clothes are either some shade of blue, or have a shade of blue in them, which is weird because I've never really been into the colour. Always time to start I guess. I'm not so much stressing about my clothes, but more my makeup and skin/hair products. After getting some of my holiday makeup together, I have realised that none of my ten million foundations are the right colour to take with me, absolute nightmare! This means a rushed trip to Tesco to try and find either a foundation or tinted moisturiser that will do the trick. I hate being a girl some times!

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