Sunday, 24 June 2012

My Holiday Hair Essentials

Batiste Dry Shampoo/Toni&Guy Heat Defense Spray/got2b Powderful Volumizing Powder/Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner/V05 Give Me Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.

Seeing as I've recently returned from Egypt, I thought I would do a little post on the products I used on my hair while I was away. As many of you know, the sun, the sea and the horrible chlorine in the pools can give your hair a horrible battering... and if your hair is as thin as mine, it definitely needs some TLC. These five products were what I found myself using while I was battling the 46 degree heat in Egypt (as well as a few others too.)

001. I don't think there is anyone who does not own a bottle of Batiste dry shampoo. It's an absolute life saver for those days where you don't have time to wash your hair. Recently I've found that spraying a bit onto my hair after I have finished styling helps to add volume, as my hair is very thin. I found myself using this a lot while I was away, from quickly spraying it on in the morning to using it to make my hair thicker before going out at night. I have to say that I do prefer the Original style in the green and yellow tube, but initially they all do the same!

002. As I can't go a day without straightening my hair, my GHD straighteners came along for the ride. Its not that I straighten all of my hair daily... I just find my fringe and the long side of my hair is much more manageable is I straighten it, which I know does nothing for my poor thin hair. I've always been a fan of Toni&Guy products, and this mini is perfect to slip in your case. You just spray it on wet hair before blow drying, or onto dry hair before using straighteners, and it helps to protect your hair and those split ends. I have really noticed a change in the quality of my hair after using this in Egypt, so I am definitely going to continue.

003. This little tub is hands down one of my favourite hair products at the minute - I LOVE it! You only need a tiny sprinkle of the white powder on your hands, which you rub together, and then run through your hair. It really works well for me and gives my hair loads of volume, which is always good when the heat makes your hair flat like it does mine. I'm trying to savor the tiny tub, so I only use it sparingly.

004. Aussie have always been in my bathroom cabinet in some form, and the products are definitely the best I have ever smelt. My Nan introduced me to the products about four years ago now, and ever since she's always bought me some bottled for special occasions. When I saw this mini in Superdrug I had to buy it, as well as it being so many mini's for so and so amount. It seriously smells so nice, and every time I squirted some onto my hand I found myself smelling first! It says to leave it on your hair for three minutes before washing off, but I found two minutes was more than enough. The treatment leaves your hair amazingly soft and smells lovely, and I even found that this carried on the next morning.

005. V05 Shampoos are always my first choice, as I really don't think you can go wrong with any of the ranges. I chose the Give Me Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner to purely tackle the dryness from the sun and the heat from my straighteners. They are really decent quality and they don't break your bank balance.

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