Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Little Weekly Update

I've been quite bad and not blogged a lot recently, and to be honest I don't really have a good enough reason for it. Except maybe work, does that count as a reason?! My little eight hour weekend job has blossomed into a 30 hour a week job, so more money for me but less time to do other things.

In recent news, I bought a new car! As you can see above it is a beaut, and I feel so so happy that I actually bought it with my own money. I've been saving for a little bit now and seeing as my old trusty Corsa was becoming not-so trusty, I thought it was time to upgrade. Its like anything new though, I just need to get the hang of driving it and stop over-reving everywhere I go. I've been passed three years now and these past few days I've felt like a first time driver again. I also realised how nasty some people can be on the road, I get so annoyed when driving. Anyway...

So the week ahead consists of more work, and hopefully a lot more blogging and social time with my friends. I haven't been out to do something in what seems agers, and its pay day on Tuesday, so what more of an excuse do I need?! Hopefully there will be lots of blog posts coming your way this week!

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