Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bikini bargains!

Neon bikini top - £1.50, Neon bikini bottoms - £1.50 & Striped bikini bottoms  - £1.50
(All Tesco)
Fruit print bikini bottoms - £1.50 (Matalan)

I know its about seven weeks until my next holiday, and I have MORE than enough holiday clothes, but I can't help buying more. My Aunty came home with lots of lovely bikinis, and I was really shocked when she said they were from Tesco. Even better... they were £1.50 each! I couldn't believe it, so my Mum ordered that we got straight to Tesco to have a look for ourselves... and I came back with more than enough for at least seven holidays. For £1.50 you really can't grumble and if you only wear them once you've almost got your moneys worth. There were so many more I could have bought, but I did have to limit myself.

Another really good place for bikinis at the minute is Matalan, who are also in the first stages of their sale. Working there, I obviously get a first look at the sale stock and as soon as I saw the fruit print bottoms I had to save a pair. They were only £1.50 too, which is an absolute bargain, and they are so cute too. Plus the white and the bright colours will all look better when I've topped up my tan.

So if anyone is looking for some holiday bargains, I more than urge you to take a look at Matalan or Tesco. These shops, Tesco in particular, definitely wouldn't be the places I would look but this just shows that you can really find some bargains where you least expect.

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