Monday, 16 July 2012

Getting To Know Me

I seem to have developed a few more followers over the last couple of weeks, so hello :)) I saw this on another blog I read, and decided it would be a good idea to share a few little facts with my new readers. If you have any questions or want to comment, feel free, I'd love to reply.

Vital Stats:
Name: Terri Bacon
Nicknames: Tez, Tezzey, Bacon, Tee
Birthday: May 31st - which makes me 21
Place of Birth: Chesterfield
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Occupation: Just finished University, and I am now working in retail

Hair colour: Dark brown
Hair length: Quite short
Eye colour: Blue
Best feature: I like being quite petite-sized.. is that a feature?
Braces: I've never had them
Piercings: My nose, belly button, and seven various piercings in my ears
Tattoos: Four - an anchor on my wrist, shooting stars behind my ear, latin on my hip and cherry blossoms on my foot
Righty of Lefty: I'm a righty

Award: I never win anything! 
Sport: I used to play netball, but now I'm probably the least sporty person. Ever
Real Holiday: My Mum and Dad took me on holiday loads when I was younger, but my first holiday by myself was to Magaluf
Concert: Steps when I was younger, retro! But my first 'proper' gig was You Me At Six about four or five years ago I think

Film: I have absolutely loads of favourite films!
TV Show: 2 Broke Girls - funniest thing I've seen in agers
Colour: I don't really have one, just phases of different colours
Song: Not really individual but again, I have loads
Restaurant: TGI Fridays, every time!
Store: Topshop or Ark
Book: Stephen King - The Shining
Magazine: Company 
Shoes: Currently either my Converse or my Vivienne Westwood pumps

Feeling: Tired, its far too early to be up!
Single or Taken: Taken, it'll be a year in October
Eating: Nothing, but I'm half way through a cup of tea
Listening to: Jeremy Kyle
Thinking about: Cars - I'm looking for a new one
Watching: Jeremy Kyle
Wearing: Zara jeans & a Miss Selfridge slouch top 

Want Children: One day
Want to be married: Definitely. 
Careers in mind: I'd love to go into fashion through journalism or PR, proving quite difficult at the minute
Where do you want to live: I don't really mind, as long as the area and the house are lovely

Do you believe in: 
God: I can never make my mind up. I don't think I do, really
Miracles: I don't think so
Love at first sight: 'Lust at first sight' is probably more appropriate
Ghosts: I can never make my mind up 
Aliens: Not really 'aliens' as such, but I kind of believe there's something out there...
Soul Mates: I guess so, but maybe not in the same way as everyone else
Heaven: No
Hell: No
Kissing on the first date: Yeah, I don't see why not
Yourself: Sometimes; there are always times when I do and don't, like everyone

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