Monday, 9 July 2012

Bye bye breakouts!

PanOxyl 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acnegel (£4.50) - Amazon

Recently my skin has been completely awful, due to a mixture of sun, heat and lots of makeup from my holiday to Egypt. It has constantly been in awful condition and for about a month now I've had one big continuous breakout. I was researching some tips and hints to try and clear my skin when I came across this little beauty. A few years ago I was prescribed this by my doctor to help tackle my breakouts, and it worked within a week of using it! When I found other ways to tackle my breakouts, I stopped using this cream, but I've found that recently I'm really needing it. So to my amazement, they actually sell this on the internet. I bought this from Amazon, which I was wary about because on all other occasions I have needed a prescription for it. Within a few hours of buying the product, I received an email from the seller on Amazon, asking the initial questions any doctor would when writing a prescription. So, after a few questions and a few days wait, my cream was here.

This is what the cream looks like. You only need a small amount, and you only need to add it to the problem areas on your skin. ie the places where you have breakouts. Top tip - make sure you moisturise a LOT if you decide to use this cream, as it does tend to try out your skin massively. It comes in two different percentages, 5 and 10, and obviously the more severe your breakouts the higher cream to go for. Make sure you research this cream if you have not used it before, and if in doubt go to your doctor or GP. I only ordered this online because I have used it in the past and I know it works for me.

I have been using it for about three days, applying before my moisturiser morning and night, and absolutely ALL of my spots and problem areas have gone. It is amazing! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is suffering with their skin, but just make sure you do your research.

Has anyone used PanOxyl before? What results have you had?

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