Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Glossy Box - July 2012

Glossy Box 2012 - July Festival Edition 

It is that time again bloggers... Glossy Box day. I never reviewed the June box as I was super busy with various holidays and work commitments, therefore I didn't really give much thought into this box either. I saw that people have started to receive theirs, so I made sure I didn't peek at any ones blog posts or pictures. This box is by far one of the best in my opinion, because I literally just love all of the products. This month's theme is Festival Beauty, which I think is a brilliant idea and these minis would be perfect to pack away if anyone is going to a festival this summer. 

Okay, so down to the products. There are a couple of different Glossy Box's around and all the products look really good, but I was so excited about the HD Brows Eye and Brow Palette - I literally blogged about it about an hour ago in my Daily Want #2. I said that I wanted the 'Vamp' palette, but from seeing the 'Foxy' palette I got sent I think it is definitely the right colour for me.

There are also some nice Elizabeth Arden goodies, which are from the Skin Balancing Skincare range. I got the combination skin samples, which are the Skin Balancing Lotion and three little sachets of Clenser, Skin Serum and another Skin Balancing Lotion. I've heard very good things about skincare products by Elizabeth Arden, and seeing as my skin is quite bad at the minute I'm looking forward to trying these out.

I received something that I already love too, which is always a bonus in my eyes, and thats the Jelly Pong Pong Lip Frosting. At the Clothes Show Live I got a gift bag full of their goodies, and to be honest I had never heard of them so I wasn't too bothered. When I got home I used a few of the products and I absolutely loved them. I intend to do a post on the items I got, but this little handbag-sized lip frosting will be perfect to slot in my bag or my car.

I am looking forward to trying out the Monu Golden Glow Bronzer. Glossy Box says that this will give you a safe, natural-looking tan in 3-5 hours, and it smells really good, so I'm definitely going to get some use out of that. The moisturiser is also a yellow colour too, which I first found really bizarre and I think it made me want to try it more!

The last product in the box is Cyncol Enrich Colour Shampoo. Again, I have never heard of this product so I am looking forward to trying it out. My hair has recently been dyed too, so this is the perfect product for me at the moment as my hair will soon be starting to fade.

Overall, from first glances this month's Glossy Box is extremely good in my eyes. There isn't a product that I don't love the idea of and don't want to try, so well done for that! I will no doubt be reviewing all of these products in the next few weeks, so I will let you know how I get on.

What did you get in your Glossy Box this month? Have you tried any of the products featured?

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