Tuesday, 14 August 2012

DIY Denim Shorts

What you'll  need: Some old jeans (mine are from Primark), scissors, a ruler and a pencil.

Following my denim shorts hype post the other week and the increase in sunshine, I've been in depression mode because I have no nice denim shorts. Yes I'm serious. I wear my pair of Levi shorts to death but I'm so poor at the minute and I'm trying to save, so... I thought I'd make my own and get a bit creative. To be honest it was quicker than I thought and was dead easy to do, so if you're bored you should all try it!

001. First try on your jeans and decide where you want them to finish on yourself.  Obviously you're deciding how long or short you want them, so they're tailored to your style. A big tip from me is to add an inch or two extra onto the length, just in case you cut them wrong. Make a small marking that you can easily see.

002. Lay the jeans out and draw a line right across the two legs with a pencil. You might have to go across the line a few times to make it stand out - this is just so you can see where to cut. Another tip is to turn the jeans inside out so you're not working on the direct side of the denim.

003. The next step is cutting your jeans. Make sure you have some decent scissors for this, then set away cutting the legs off. Obviously make sure you don't cut through the seam where the two legs meet at the crotch, otherwise you'll have a skirt instead of shorts (I admit I did this on my first attempt, by accident.)

004. When both legs have been cut, turn your shorts the right way round and try them on again. This is the time where you can adjust the length if you want them shorter, or make the bottoms a bit edgy if you don't want your shorts to look too perfect. And there you have it!

I didn't like the fact that the bottom of the leg was just straight and boring, so as you can see from the images above, I decided to grunge up my shorts and fray the bottoms. This is really easy to do, but did take a bit longer to do. Basically you take your pair of scissors and score the bottoms of the shorts. I found that scratching away at them frayed the denim, and after a few attempts at it the frays become longer and messier. I'm hoping that they'll fray even more when they've been washed, so they'll hopefully look more like my Levi shorts.

And there you have it - simple easy peasy DIY shorts. I've actually worn mine a few times and I really do like them. They're cut from an old favourite pair of jeans too so they're already super comfy and worn. I'm thinking of adding studs and customising them a bit more, so no doubt there'll be a little tutorial on how that goes too.

What do you think? Do you have any DIY tips?

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