Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Dove Summer Glow - Holiday In A Bottle.

Dove Summer Glow Moisturiser - Medium to Dark.

If you're not jetting off on holiday this summer I'd definitely advise you to invest in a bottle of this amazing stuff. Now that's quite a statement, I know, but it is actually the best tanning moisturiser I've used. For £5 you really cannot grumble! I've always been pale and it never really bothered me, until I'd come back from holidays with an amazing tan and it would start to fade. My Mum actually got me into these kinds of moisturisers, but I'd always go for the ones that seemed to smell awful. I can remember applying some before I went out and I could literally smell myself all day - it was horrible. But this moisturiser hardly has any smell to it at all, so its safe for you and everyone else's poor little noses. 

I use the medium to dark colour, just for the pure fact that recently I've been really brown due to holidaying in Egypt and using the occasional sun bed (naughty I know.) I can honestly say since I've started using this moisturiser more I haven't touched a sun bed, so if that's not an anti-advert then I don't know what is. The bottle I have now is a good few months old and is still going strong. The moisturiser has a gradual tanning ingredient in which as you apply, helps to build up a nice brown base. I can put one coat on and with in an hour I look like I've been back in Egypt - it's that good.

One tip I will say is that you do have to make sure you rub it in well. There's been a few instances where I've put some on in a rush, and half way through the day noticed I've got a horrible streaky line on my leg. If you take the time to rub it into your skin properly I guarantee you'll have amazing holiday skin. I hate using fake tan, which is why I resorted to the occasional sun bed, but now I wouldn't dream of using anything else.

Have you used Summer Glow before? What are your favourite tanning products?


  1. I love this stuff, I used to swear by it before I got a tan! I much prefer gradual moisturizers rather than fake tans.
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog!

    1. Me too! I use it a few times a week at the minute then put some off before I get my legs out and it works so amazingly! I might even take it on my holiday next week :)

      And thank you! That's made me super happy! xo