Thursday, 30 August 2012

Latest In Beauty - August Little Beauty Box

Little Beauty Box - August 2012 (£1.50)

I wish I knew why I keep ordering this cute little box... to be honest, I think it's the amazing price for three decent samples. The only problem is that now when I go on to order, I kind of don't have anything new to choose from as I must have tried every sample going. I've had to resort to ordering an occasional man's sample, which my Dad and Brother are beginning to love.

This month I ended up ordering one sample that I was interested in, then settling for something I already have and substituting with a Nivea For Men sample (which my Dad will be pleased about.) I already have the Sun Shots sun protection sachet but they will be very handy for when I go away on Sunday. The little sachets are a decent size and will be perfect to throw in my bag and use just for my face - so I'll keep you updated on how that goes. The sample I was really interested in getting is the Monu Extra Rich Night Cream.

For starters the full sized pot of this stuff is £36, so £1.50 for a little tester is all good in my books. I'm really loving anything for my skin at the minute so this is the perfect thing for me to try, seeing as though my skin seems to be skipping from good to bad all the time. Monu describe this night cream as luxurious and say that it will intensively nourish and firm your skin whilst you sleep, so, I'm going to put it to the test. It's full of Vitamin A, C and E which all help to promote Collagen production and make your skin feel super healthy. Here's me hoping that it's as good as it sounds.

There will definitely be some reviews coming soon of these two products, so watch this space! 


  1. Hello lovely, thank you for the comment and the follow :) I am now following you too! This little box sounds pretty cool! I have never seen a box this cheap, I had a mosey round the website but couldn't figure it out! I think £1.50 for those samples is very good, and better than forking out for a big box that you might not get any samples you like in :) xx

    1. That's fine lovely, thank you too! :)) They are pretty good samples and its nice to be able to choose your own.. but at the minute I don't really think there's a huge range of things to choose from. Hopefully that'll change!

      Terri xo