Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dermablend Corrective Cosmetics - Review

Dermablend Corrective Cosmetics Starter Kit - June Glossy Box 

Another June Glossy Box sample that I've only just got round to trying and reviewing - I should really keep up to my schedule of blog posts. I have been looking forward to trying this product out for a while now, for the pure fact that it sounds amazing. This dermatologically approved foundation stick is specially made for minor to severe skin flaws such as blemishes, redness, dark circles, eye bags and irregular pigmentation. Usually I'd exaggerate and say that I have all of these, but after looking at the examples on the sample I've come to realise that my skin really isn't as bad as I make out.

In the sample you get six different shades of the correction foundation, which range from shades for fair to dark skin, so there's bound to be a shade that's right for you. I decided to try shade 12 - Opal, which from first glance looked like the perfect shade for my skin tone. It came out a lot lighter than expected on my skin so as a hint to anyone wanting to try this, I'd say go for one shade darker than you usually would. I still decided to go ahead and try this shade, primarily to see how it felt on my skin more than anything.

To say it's a foundation it is extremely thick and feels more like a concealer when its on your fingers, but I am guessing that's because its in stick formation? A tip from Dermablend is to warm the foundation between your fingers before applying, and even after doing this it still felt very thick.

On the back of the sample it gives you very clear instructions on how to apply the foundation to the different imperfections, which I think is a really nice and helpful idea. I applied it to a small blemish scar I have on my chin, and although it did cover quite well I found there was a sort of residue still left on my skin. I made sure I had blended in the foundation correctly, but it was still extremely lumpy and viable on my skin.

Overall I really wasn't very impressed with this product at all. After reading about it I was really excited to try it, and to be honest maybe I expected too much? I don't know, but the results really weren't what I was hoping for. 


  1. I've seen a few mixed reviews about this product. Its a shame because I had high expectations for this :/

    1. Me too! :/ I'm going to try a darker shade too just to see if that changes anything, but it just felt too thick.

      Terri xo