Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Alessandro Pro White Nail Polish

Alessandro Pro White Nail Polish - £7.85*

When I first saw August's International Glossy Box I was actually a bit unsure whether I would both like and use any of the products, just for the fact that I'd never heard of them before. This product is one of those that I was wondering about, but I decided to do a bit of research before I tried it.

Alessandro International is a German website that offers a wide range of nail polishes and products, as well as things for hand and nail care and nail art. While looking round their website I found a section on UV nail and gel nail products, which was really good. It's safe to say I was actually really impressed with the products they had to offer. They have an absolutely huge range of nail polishes in some amazing colours, it was quite hard to look without wanting to order any.

Anyway, moving onto the Pro White. This nail polish is supposed to brighten up your nails and cover up any yellowing that you may have on them. To be honest my nails have never ever had a yellow tint to them, and if they did it wouldn't matter because 99% of the time I have them painted anyway. It isn't often that I have plain nails but at the minute I can't seem to find a colour I like, so I took this opportunity to try Pro White.

I cleaned up my nails with some nail polish remover and quickly tidied them up, then applied a coat of Pro White onto them. It was really quick to dry, which is always good in my books, so I applied another coat to see if it amplified the results. I did one hand first to compare to my natural nails, and to be honest I wasn't overly impressed. I expected the results to be really good, but the painted nails looked more purple and blue than gleaming white. The polish actually has a slightly purple tint when it's in the bottle, so I'm guessing this is a factor towards it, but overall I was slightly disappointed.

I painted them yesterday and looking at them this morning they do look very clean and shiny, but there is still a slight blue colouring to them. I'm thinking that maybe it may take a few days to see the effects overall? Anyway everything about the polish was really impressive and the brush is the perfect size to spread over the nail in one application. There's nothing I hate more than the brush being too big and it spreading polish onto the sides of your fingers. I think I'm going to give my nails a few days to be able to gleam, then maybe think about painting them if I don't see results.

Have you tried Pro White before? What do you think of it?


  1. I haven't tried this but really wanted to when I saw it in GB, would love to read a follow up post sometime?



    Em's Mixed Bag

    1. It's a good idea for a product but I wasn't overly impressed. i'll definitely follow it up :) xo