Tuesday, 25 September 2012

No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation

No 7 Beautifully Matte Foundation -£12.00

Oh yes, another foundation post. I bet you're all sick of me rambling on about my latest foundation dramas. I have an absolute nightmare finding a colour that completely and utterly suits my skin, as I seem to go from drastically tanned to pale in a matter of months. I've been using my favourite MAC Studio Sculpt in NW30 since I got back from Egypt in June and this has served me for a good few months, even through my second holiday a few weeks ago. As its running low at the minute I decided to take the risk and try something new... again!

I'd seen the new No 7 foundation test advertised and thought, as if they can match a foundation with a machine. Well I'll tell you now, they really do, and they do such a good job! I went into the bigger Boots store in Meadowhall and asked the lady working at the counter if she could help me with a foundation as I wasn't really sure what to get. She sat me down, took a patch of make-up from both my cheeks, and whipped out a little camera-style machine. I instantly looked at my friend and she looked a bit worried. She held the machine to my skin and with a click of a button, a little picture of my skin appeared on the screen.

Around the little picture were two foundation swatches that had been matched to my skin tone and colour. The best match for me was 'Cool Ivory', which I must admit is the colour I usually go for when choosing any foundation. There was also another colour that was a shade darker than this, I can't remember the name, but the advisor explained that I could warm up the Ivory colour with a little bronzer if I needed to. I ended up going with the colour as I was that impressed with the match. My friend/beauty advisor studies beauty at college and she also agreed with the colouring, so obviously with a second opinion I was sold.

The Beautifully Matte foundation is a matte foundation, obviously, that gives high coverage and a really good matte finish that I love. It is also meant to fight shine and help to prevent blemishes, which is a plus in my books. It feels so lovely on my skin and it really doesn't feel like I have foundation on at all, the coverage is really good and the colour is perfect. I was so impressed with the service I got from No 7 and I will definitely be buying this foundation over and over again. At £12.00 it's nearly half the price of what I pay for my MAC foundation and I feel much more comfortable using this. I'd also like to add that if you're buying from Boots at the minute they have their popular No 7 voucher promotion on, so what more do you need?!

Have you had the No 7 test yet? What are your opinions on it?


  1. Fantastic review! You have 100% convinced me that I should go to Boots tonight and try their match tester to see if there's a foundation that works for me!


  2. You definitely should! It's so good how they do it and the foundation is perfect. If you do, make you write a post for me to read! :))

    Terri xo

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