Monday, 17 December 2012

My Winter Coat

Primark Coat - £20.00 (WAS £35.00)

I thought I'd give all you bloggers a little insight into this years Winter wardrobe, as I don't often do many fashion-based posts. I've seen this done on a few blogs that I've been reading recently, so I decided to follow the trend. Anyone who knows me will know that I absolutely love coats/jackets/blazers and I've actually started to build up a little collection. It really is as bad as me having three of the same style quilted jacket... but in different colours, but a girl can never have too many coats right?

I don't usually have a standard 'winter coat', as I usually just wear a jacket or blazer with things layered underneath. I saw this absolute beaut in Primark a few weeks ago on a little trip round Lincoln with my cousin and I instantly fell in love. I'd seen a slightly similar one in Topshop, but it was more of an oversized boyfriend blazer and had a lot more fur around the collar. As well as that the price was considerably more expensive and with it being Christmas, I just couldn't budget to spend that much on myself. Anyway, I found this little beauty and instantly had to have it. I did try and talk myself out of it (honestly) so I'm going to blame my cousin for making me buy it! It was also marked down at £20.00 from about £35.00 I think, or it may have been £40.00... anyway I definitely wouldn't have paid the normal price for it so I guess I got myself a bit of a bargain. 

The coat itself is quite thick and even though it doesn't look it, it's actually super warm and cosy. The fur on the collar can be removed really easily with a few buttons, which to be honest I thought would have been off straight away. I've come round a lot to fur (faux obviously) and I've been longing for a fur scarf for agers now. The coat is zip-fastening too which I thought was very different, but actually I don't think I've even zipped it up yet and I've worn it nearly every day. I absolutely love the pattern too and I've found that I can wear it with just about anything, its a really versatile coat. 

What do you think of my winter coat? What's your favourite style?


  1. It looks so trendy! Fur is a timeless fashion statement so you can never go wrong with it. As for me, one of my favorite styles is the military one. What fascinates me about it are its buttons and the piping.

    Joel Salmon

    1. Aw thank you :) Yeah I love the military trend too.

      Terri xo