Friday, 4 January 2013

Christmas Beauty Presents

I know I've done a little Christmas post already showing a few of my presents, but I decided to show some of the beauty presents I received. Christmas is always the perfect time to add a few essentials to your list and get stocked up, so that's exactly what I decided to do. My family know I'm a lover of anything beauty/make-up/skin care related so I guess I'm pretty easy to buy for. I love getting sets because I'm absolutely stocked up on shower gels and bath things for literally months. My favourite is the Soap and Glory set that my best friend bought me, Soap and Glory is always a winner with me. I also love anything Nivea, so obviously I got two sets filled with moisturisers and lip balms. I guess I'm a bit of a lip balm hoarder, I think I have enough now for one in every single bag as well as my coats and car.

Another winner with me is nail polishes and really anything to do with my nails. I'm a tad obsessed with doing them too so I think I've been stocked up for life. My all time favourite is Models Own. My mum tried to get me the Winter Wonderland collection but it was sold out everywhere, so she was super cute and bought me a few of the individual polishes from the set. I've only tried Southern Lights yet, but its absolutely gorgeous.

My boyfriend bought me the Ted Baker wash bag and I was so surprised when I opened it. I absolutely love  dogs and having this little cute French Bulldog on it was the best! At least I think it is one, that's what I've been calling it... but anyway they're my favourite! I don't really tend to have a wash bag as such for my toiletries and things, so this will definitely be handy when I go away.

Anyway I'm starting to ramble a tad now, but these are a few of the beauty presents I received. No doubt there's things I've missed off but I'll probably be doing reviews soon so it'll give me chance to see if I've missed anything.

What was your favourite beauty present?


  1. I love the wash bag, I've had my eye on one of the TB wash bags with the bows on it :) xo

    1. Aw I've seen those, they're so cute! :) I wish they did this one in a smaller make-up bag though so I could use it all the time. This one's just huge.

      Terri xo