Monday, 28 January 2013


Snowy branches / Healthy breakfast / Tequila with the girls / Snowy garden / Healthy eating and exercise / Trying out samples / Alfie and Pluto / Me and my cousin / Mulberry

Just another little update guys as I haven't actually got a lot to tell you about at the minute. The snow has finally gone, thank god! I hate the cold and its been awful trying to get around in my little car in the snow, I'm glad its finally on its way out. Me and the girls have finally booked our summer holiday to Magaluf and I'm super excited! I need some sun and a tan in my life. I've been working like a mad woman so the only thing I've really done if have a night out for the last three Saturdays with the girls... I don't know what's wrong with me going out all the time. Its mega spending time from now as I have a lot to pay for, but there's so much I want. I have a huge list of new make up I want to try, its going to be so hard to budget.

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