Thursday, 24 January 2013

Latest In Beauty Samples - January

Latest In Beauty's Little Beauty Box - £1.50 (plus p+p)

Its been a while since I've had the chance to try any samples that Latest In Beauty have had on offer, purely because I've been so busy I just haven't had time. A few months ago I found that I had actually tried all the samples on offer at Latest In Beauty, or at least the ones I actually wanted to try. I decided to give it a few months to see if anything new came up so I wasn't just requesting things to try for the sake of it. Anyway the waiting paid off and there were actually some samples I liked the look of this month.

The first sample I received was the Britney Spears fragrance duo, which consisted of Fantasy and Midnight. I love trying perfumes and I'm always looking for something new, so it made sense to try these as I'd never smelt anything Britney before. To be honest I didn't really like either of these as I just thought they were quite musky and heavy. I'll not talk about them a lot in this post as I'll be doing a proper review soon, but first impressions weren't all good on these.

The second sample I received was Weleda Cellulite Oil. In all honesty I don't have any cellulite (yet) but from reading the reviews I actually quite liked the sound of it. Its more of a massage oil that is supposed to help tackle cellulite, so I'm sure it will come in handy one day. I was thinking that I could maybe do some extra research and start to use it in hope that it will prevent cellulite? I don't know, but watch this space.

The third sample I received was the Kim Kardashian fragrance, which I absolutely LOVE! It was one of those things that I really didn't think I would like, but after the tiniest smell I fell in love and I actually really want to buy it. There will be a review coming soon, so watch this space.

What do you think of the samples? Which ones would you like to try?


  1. I really love samples, it's a great way to try things without committing to buying the full sized product! I'm so intrigued by the Kim Kardashian perfume now, if I spot it anywhere I'm definitely going to have a smell :) x

    1. I do too :) I think this is such a good way to try things out as you only have to pay £1.50 for the three samples every month... and you actually choose which you'd like to try too :)

      I'm going to do a little review of the perfume one day this week, so keep your eyes pealed for that :) its gorgeous though!

      Terri xo