Monday, 11 February 2013

Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque

I received this mini sample in a monthly She Said Beauty box a few months ago, and decided to try it after having a good rummage through my sample boxes. I absolutely love face masks and anything like this at the minute as my skin is quite bad. I wasn't all that impressed with the actual size of the sample as it was so tiny, I didn't think it would be enough to really try the product. When I squeezed out the mask there was just enough to cover my face, but I do wish there was enough to try it at least twice.

The Cellnique mask is packed with fresh fruit enzymes and acids, which are said to help exfoliate and repair damaged skin and prevent clogging in pores. You can really smell these fruity scents and the best thing about this product is the smell, which was so yummy! It smells really fruity, almost like Pina Colada, which in my books makes it all the better to try. It was a really nice consistency and wasn't too thick, and it rubbed into my skin really well. I massaged it on my face and a bit of my neck, then left it for around five minutes to soak in and develop. I then washed it away with warm water and it left my skin feeling really soft.

Overall I did like this product but I didn't think there was anything overly special about it - it just felt like a normal mask that I use regularly. You can find out a bit more about it here. I wouldn't repurchase this product as I think there are other masks that work just as well, but it was a nice change from my everyday products.

Have you tried this product before? What were your opinions?

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