Thursday, 28 February 2013

My Day To Day Face

I thought I'd show you all my day to day face and make-up, as to be honest I don't tend to wear loads. I work extremely early mornings and at half past six I don't really have the mental capacity to put on a lot of make-up. In these cases I just put on a bit of foundation and concealer, then dust over with my powder and spritz my face with my setting spray. When I'm going out somewhere I fill in my brows and add a bit of mascara, but for work I find that there isn't much point when I work mornings. When I have a little more time I guess I do spend a lot more of my make-up, but to be honest I don't think I wear that much at all. I should probably do a 'going out' or 'night time' make-up post to follow this, just to show the difference between my routines.

I tend to go for quite a natural look with just a really well done base and a dust of blush or bronzer - I'm slightly steering towards bronzer a lot of the time at the moment. Sometimes I'll do a little day time eye, but a lot of the time I find that I literally forget or don't have time.

So my day to day face - As you all know I massively struggle when looking for a foundation that I absolutely love, but at the minute Bourjois Healthy Mix is my saviour! I absolutely love it at the minute and I find that its the perfect coverage for me at the minute. I have it in Shade 51 which I think might be the lightest shade, but I'm really going to stick to using this because I love it. Its nothing new that I use Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, like every other blogger, and I just love the coverage it gives. Perfect for my dark circles in a morning. Sometimes when those bags just won't cover I bring out my YSL Touche Ã‰clat  but I try not to use this as much because I don't want it to run out.

Something I've just started using again is the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. I used to use it years ago but for some reason it dropped from my make-up routine, and I've literally just this minute discovered it again after watching one of Tanya Burr's tutorials. I don't know why I haven't had a powder in my routine for so long, but I can really tell the difference now I've started using one again. This powder seems really good at setting my make-up and just evening everything out, which I definitely needed.

I tend to use Benefits BADgal Lash mascara  because it lengthens my lashes just enough for a nice day time look. I fill my brows in using the HD Brows Palette in 'Foxy', using the bottom right brown as I find it suits my brows really well. After that I spritz my skin with MUA's Pro-Base Fixing Mist which I bought a few weeks ago. In all honesty I don't really know if this is working for me or not, I just can't tell, but I thought I may as well continue using it anyway - I'm going to a review of it soon.

So there we go - my super simple day to day routine. I'm finding that as I read more into make-up, I'm finding out what really works for me. As well as this, I'm picking up some really good techniques and tips.

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