Thursday, 14 March 2013

I'm Loving: A Missguided Midi Dress

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Midi dresses are my absolute favourite trend at the minute, I really cannot get enough of them. I think they are the perfect versatile dress that can be worn in the day time, as well as dressed up for a night out. I know I myself love to do this exact idea, and I think they particularly look amazing and so nice dressed up. I first started seeing these kinds of dresses in Topshop a few months ago, but there was no way I was paying their prices. Missguided is definitely my one-stop place to go for dresses for months now, purely for their price and amazing styles. They have so much to choose from and I can guarantee there is something for everyone.

I actually have the the fifth dress in my line-up in a dark grey colour and it is the comfiest thing I own! Perfect for the day but is really easy to dress up at night. I literally cannot stop buying these dresses.


  1. I love the blue one with the slit. xxx

    1. Me too, I love the colour too! So tempted to buy it haha!

      Terri xo