Saturday, 21 September 2013

I'm Loving... Statement Necklaces

1. Primark - £4.00 / 2. Primark - £4.00 / 3. Matalan - £8.00 / 4. Matalan - £8.00

I've gone a little necklace crazy recently and I can't seem to stop wearing them. I never used to really be a jewellery person apart from earrings, the odd Pandora bracelet and my watch... but I'd not really class them as jewellery. Recently I've been buying a lot of plain t-shirts and dresses and I've wanted to jazz them up a little, so I thought a good statement necklace would be the perfect thing. I bought the Matalan ones first from work and I've worn the gold spiked one to death, but today I took a little trip into Primark and found those absolute beauts! For half the price of a Matalan necklace combined they're amazing, and actually feel a lot better quality. I haven't taken the chunky Aztec one off since I bought it - it's definitely a favourite. Primark have some amazing statement necklaces at the minute and I think the most you'd pay is about £8.00, I'm definitely going to have to expand my collection.


  1. Replies
    1. Which one lovely? :) They're all beaut and so easy to put with literally anything!
      Definite;y getting my wear out of them!

      Terri xo