Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mists - £11

I'm quite new to the whole Victoria's Secret hype, as a store only opened a few months ago close to me in Sheffield. I instantly fell in love as soon as I stepped through the door - literally a girl's underwear heaven! Admittedly some of the prices make my heart stop a little, but I figured that the quality MUST be good and you'd hopefully feel amazing wearing their pieces... right?

I'd heard a lot about the Victoria's Secret beauty range and decided to test for myself, so I instantly went over to try the fragrance mists. After reading a few blog posts about how amazing these products are, I thought it was about time I invested. I'm a huge perfume lover but I hate carrying around the beautiful glass bottles when you're on the go, so these seemed like the perfect alternative. These four are my all time favourites, but it is literally so hard to decide which to buy because their range is amazing! There are so many different scents and there's definitely something for everyone.

I can't remember the exact offer they have on the beauty items, but I know the fragrance mists are around £11 each. You may think is quite steep, but I've had my very first bottle a good two months now and I'm not even a quarter down. I stocked in the Christmas 75% off sales and got a few for under £3, which is amazing compared to the normal price. They also stock each scent in other products for the bath, shower and body, which I cannot wait to try.

Are you a Victoria's Secret fan? What scent/product is your favourite?

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