Thursday, 22 March 2012

Latest In Beauty - Little Beauty Box.

I constantly read other people's blogs and feel compelled to try one of the monthly sample makeup boxes that seem to be popping up. I see a lot of people use Glossybox, which basically sends you a mix of 5 different beauty samples every month for £12.95 (including p+p.) 

I did a bit of web searching and came across Latest In Beauty, which is a similar concept which sends you three small samples every month. Now for the good bit, you get to pick your own samples and read reviews before you buy, which is always good... AND... its only £1.50! (I kid you not)

Now obviously the products might not be as good as the ones you receive in Glossybox, and will definitely be considerably smaller, but I thought it was a good idea if you want to try something that may not be as mainstream.

This is what I chose:
My samples should be here in 5 days, so no doubt there will be reviews to follow next week.

(Images were taken from the Latest In Beauty website here.)

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