Saturday, 21 April 2012

My Favourite Nail Polish

This isn't a very good photograph, but this has to be my favourite nail polish at the minute. I can't stop using it! Yes, I know it's only from Tesco and it was around 99p, but it is such a good product.

I know people would usually think twice about buying cheap beauty products but I can assure you, this is actually really good quality. It takes about two-three coats to get a good coverage and it stays so shiny for days!

I tend to change my nails a lot, and I've found that this polish stays on until I'm ready to re-paint them (which is usually every few days-a week) It's a lovely colour too. I have a shocking pink colour too which I use quite a lot, and I'd definitely go back to buy more.

They are quite small bottles, but for 99p you can't really complain too much.
Has anyone else used these polishes before?

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