Monday, 30 April 2012

Review: Nail Stamps

I'd seen these nail stampers and design plates around for quite a while but I never thought they would be any good. Well, I was browsing Ebay and found some! They were about £3 and you can find one like the one I have here. I found them so hard to do at first, but after a few practice rounds (and I mean a few) I began to get the hang of it. There's a really good tutorial on how to do them here.

This is just a quick trial I did where they actually worked quite well. I think they're a really good idea and with practice, you can create some nice designs. You can also buy more plates and build up a little collection. There are hundreds of different designs to choose from on each plate too.

I'm quite proud of these tips that I did a little while ago. It says to always use a lighter colour onto nail polish, but I think these look quite nice on clean nails. I will definitely be trying out more designs, and I think this could catch on and become extremely popular.

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